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Top Online Shop Helps You Design Gift Ribbon of Your Choice

Many times, we are amazed by the soft and silky ribbons that adorn the gifts we have received. Thanks to a top online shop, now it is possible and absolutely easy to design your own gift ribbon by just a few clicks with your computer key board.

To create your own ribbons or name tapes, all you need is to enter the text by selecting a font type, color, and symbol from the fascinating variety of choices. In just a few seconds, your artwork is ready to be printed on the satin ribbon using the latest offset printing technique.

You can instantly know the price by selecting the length of the gift ribbon that you have designed. These are made from 100% double-sided satin and are properly welded to prevent fraying. There is a wide spectrum of 23 colors available to choose from. If you wish to have your own logo or some design, then the same can be uploaded and printed by offset techniques.

Apart from offset printing, other printing options available include:

• Serigraphic printing that is perfect for bright colors on dark ribbons
•   Serigraphic raised or relief printing for a three dimensional effect
•   Foil printing where a foil is transferred onto the ribbon by using thermal technique to get a dazzling golden or a silver metallic print
•   Embossed printing is done by the combination of heat and pressure, thereby creating a 3-D effect

Try the best online shop to customize your very own gift ribbon made from 100% double sided satin and get instant recognition from everyone. It is durable, glamorous, and has a high opacity.