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School name labels Offer effective protection against Lost or Misplaced School Items

woven name tapes

Kids are prone to losing their school clothing, stationary items, shoes, bags, etc. This apart from causing a lot of inconvenience also puts additional financial burden on parents. School name labels come in a variety of shape, colors, and designs. They provide effective protection against lost or misplaced items.

Quality manufacturers of woven name tapes and name labels provide labels that are microwave proof, UV resistant, scratch proof, and water proof. This ensures that the labels do not peel, fade, or shrink even after multiple washes.

Some of the top label manufacturers give you an almost endless variety of personalized school name labels to choose from. Some of the popular labels are as following:

Clothing Labels

Clothing labels usually come as woven sew on labels, iron labels, stick on labels, identity labels, name tags, etc. Woven sew-on labels are perfect for labeling all types and varieties of clothing garments. Durable and long lasting, woven labels are available in a variety of colors and font sizes.

Iron-on labels are most suited for school uniforms. They are easy to apply and are long lasting. They are fairly inexpensive and an excellent way of identifying your kids’ belongings.

Vinyl Name Labels

Vinyl name labels do not lose their texture or quality even after going through sterilizer, microwave, or dishwasher. These labels are most ideal for school sports equipment, water bottles, etc.

Kids cannot be counted upon to take good care of their belongings since there are numerous things capable of distracting their minds. School name labels supplied by quality manufactures effectively solve the problems of lost or misplaced school items.