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'Iron On Labels' for Clothing is a Convenient and Faster Way to Tag Your Clothes

iron on labels for clothing

Iron on labels for clothing is an exciting concept in the name tape industry. The manufacturers supply blank name tapes, which can be transferred on to the clothing conveniently. They can be peeled from their backing paper conveniently, but when a hot iron is used on the tape, the adhesive is activated, providing a solid bonding to the cloth.

Ideal for Those with No Access to Sewing Machines

Iron on labels for clothing is ideal for those who are not adept at sewing or do not own or have access to a sewing system. Pre-manufactured labels can be ordered from suppliers online or you can even have your own custom-made labels made on iron-on-transfer materials of your choice.

It is important to note that iron-on name tags are not available with all fabrics. Materials that are susceptible to high temperatures such as satin cannot be used as iron-on tags. However, these types of labels are ideal for other materials like cotton, denim, and fabrics that can withstand high temperatures. The most favourite items for iron-on tags are ties, hats, pockets, and hems of garments.

A Time Saver But You Need to be Careful

The labels are durable, if the material and process used are of high quality. It is important to follow the instructions carefully, especially when it comes to temperature levels used for ironing these labels on fabrics. Using excessive heat on certain types of fabrics can damage the label beyond repair.

Iron on labels for clothing is a big time saver. While sewing the label on can take several minutes, ironing the label on can be done within a matter of seconds.