Label Name

Identification Gets Easy With Name Tapes and Labels

printed garment labels

Name tapes and labels have become an integral part of our life style. Name tags are required and used almost everywhere - may it be schools, homes, or work places. The clothing and garment industry especially is incomplete without care and name tags.  

What Exactly Is A Name Tag?

Name tags lend identity to the product they are fixed on. Quality Name tapes and labels are small pieces of cloth attached to a garment and numerous other products. The label spells out the brand name of the product. In addition to the name, it carries other information too.

The information varies from product to product, depending on the manufacturer’s requirements. The manufacturer’s name/brand name and logo, the size of the garment or product, and washing instructions are the most common information put on the name labels.

Types of Name Labels

Different fabrics, such as satin, cotton, and polyester, are used to make labels. The material used can be of different colors. A variety of text fonts can be used on the tags. Not only can the color of the fabric be different but also the color of the text on it. Sparkling text is very popular in the manufacture of school labels.

The labels may be woven or printed. State-of-the-art machines are used to make woven garment labels and High quality printed garment labels. In today’s computer age, digitally-printed name tapes are also widely used. Personalized gift ribbons have also caught on tremendously. The brand name or shop name is printed on the gift ribbon and is a great advertising tool for the seller.

Name tapes and labels can be affixed to the garment/product in different ways. They can be sewed, ironed, or just stuck on to the garment. Garment and other manufacturers find it more economical to outsource the name labels. There are a number of professional label manufacturing firms, which ease the task of the manufacturers or sellers.