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How to Get name labels for kids Online

An increasing number of parents now understand the need to stick name labels for kids on their children’s belongings. The school bag, books, and other accessories that your child carries will remain safe, if a secure label with your child’s name and address is stuck on it.

The problem for most parents is finding out where to get these labels from. Paper labels are popularly available. However, these are not weather-proof and will not last long enough. What is needed are name tapes made of cotton or polyester. The good thing is that cotton-like polyester name labels for kids are available on the Internet. 

Here is how you can get them.

Finding a website

Finding a website that sells woven labels is not difficult. A simple search would lead to hundreds of such websites. What is difficult is to find a genuine website that sells good quality labels.

Always read up the background of the promoters of the website and check for how many years they have been in the business. Top sellers do not hesitate to offer detailed descriptions of the procedures and materials they have used for manufacturing. Spending some time on the website will give you an idea about the people behind the website.


The good thing on the Internet is you can upload your own design and get it printed. If you are not good at designing, you can give your input and let the company design and print the name labels for kids. Not all websites allow this, though. Always remember that there are some exceptionally good websites that allow this and much more.