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Designing Labels For Kids

Labels are used in various places for various purposes, but when it comes to labels for kids, one primary aspect that stands out is identification. When parents decide to label their child’s belongings, it is with one basic motive to help identify the child’s items and prevent them from getting lost.

What type of label to select for kids?

The label industry has seen many changes bringing about a range of choices for customers. This has been made possible due to the improved printing technology. The colors, fonts, materials, and designs available are very impressive. However, when deciding upon school labels, there are a couple of things to be considered:

•  Material: Something like cotton for garments does not cause discomfort to the child. Cotton is also pretty long lasting and will not wear out easily, thereby eliminating the need to change labels.
•   Colors: The colors on a kid’s label should be bold, so as to facilitate reading. Kids may like to have a variety of colors and have fancy stuff, but this is not the place to have a color splash. Labels for kids should be easy for both the kid and the authorities to easily identify the label.
•   Font: Options in fonts are many, but on a kid’s label, simplicity works best. One does not look for calligraphy here but ease of reading and understanding. All letters should be bold, be it upper case or lower case.

Labels for kids are there more for functional purpose than for decoration. While designing these labels, the purpose should be stick to simplicity.