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School Name Tags – Stress on Being Eco- friendly and Functional

A lasting mission statement must be – school name tags and kids labels should be of the best quality, available at a low price, and most important, the materials must be environment friendly.

School name tags are an essential commodity you cannot afford to ignore. Once the summer holidays are over, your children need a new set of shoes, uniforms, and sports kits - and a pack of name tags.

School name tags are essential to ensure children’s security. It enables school authorities to identify a child with respect to class and section. During the initial opening days in school, wearing a tag becomes important to help new boys and girls learn the names of the other new faces.

Children stick labels on their items so that they can identify which article belonged to them.

With a label in place school uniforms will not go missing, and will stay put even after commercial laundering and washing. You can stick them onto lunch boxes, back packs and sporting equipment too.

A classic name tag contains the first and second names, grade, and name of the school. Some schools may instruct parents to make tags as per standard design or the school itself may issue tags.

Parents, in some instances, may also be allowed to craft their own tags. This provides an opportunity to make some unique designs.

You can make a colorful template of decorated stars or streamers with horizontal lines that would enable you to handwrite the name of the child.

If you do not prefer your own design, kids’ labels can be ordered online or at a store.

School labels must have fine sticking quality and good quality printing. Creative designs are, of course, an added advantage. Professional suppliers can produce labels in a variety of designs and themes.

PVC labels were traditionally popular. The material is practical and durable but can have harmful effects on the environment and human health. Though it is tough and produced cheaply, a common component contained in most PVC labels, phthalates is known to be toxic.

Phthalates provide flexibility or pliability to PVC but is considered to increase risk of allergies, cancer, asthma, and might enhance the chances of damage to reproductive system, kidney, and liver. EU has banned the use of phthalates in toys so there is no reason why it must be allowed in garment labels and school name tags.

So what are the alternatives for labels and tags?

If we rule out PVC, other options are polyethylene, propylene, or PET. All these three materials are safer than PVC. But by far, bio- based plastics get the top score. Unfortunately, as yet there is no type of bio- based plastic developed that is suitable for labels.

Labels, especially for clothing, must withstand hundreds of washes. Garment labels must stay stuck for long. Luckily, many can be purchased in online retail stores conveniently. 

Iron-on labels are easy to stick. All you need to do is place a medium hot iron on the right position and press down for a few seconds.

You can never ignore to use tags, especially school name tags.