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How to Select School Labels?

School labels are simple and easy tools to help you organize your children’s school wear. School name tapes are small cloth labels that can be customized with the names of your children. Cloth labels are actually very versatile wardrobe organization tools and can be used for several other purposes too.

Some of the other common uses for garment labels include sorting clothes, advertising tailoring or clothing businesses, and conveying essential clothing care information.
Woven vs. Embroidered School Labels
Name labels come in several designs. Two of the most popular variations in clothing labels are iron on tags and sew on labels. This is largely a matter of personal preference, which does not affect the essential integrity of the product. Some users find it easier to iron on their clothing labels, while others prefer to sew on the name tags.
However, it is a good idea to choose a woven school name tape over embroidered ones. School wear is regularly subjected to rough use and frequent washings. It is important to choose materials and designs that can stand up to the kind of wear and tear that these clothes routinely undergo. While embroidered clothing lags tend to appeal at first glance, but they often fail to stand up to rough use.
This is only natural. Embroidery, even machine embroidery, is not an integral part of the cloth used. Rather, it is an additional component that is added on through stitching. The connecting points between the two are particularly vulnerable to wear. After a few rough uses, the stitches start to gradually fray and unravel.
On the other hand, the designs of woven labels are machine woven into the very warp and weft of the cloth. This gives the labels a durability and strength that cannot be matched by labels with embroidered detailing. Woven clothing labels remain as good as new even after years of regular use.
Customizing the School Name Tapes
Name tags come in several designs, colors, textures, and materials. This offers customers an unbelievable degree of customization. For instance, it is possible to design school names tapes in primary colors, which are both cheery and eye-catching. You can choose a different primary color for each child.
Alternatively, you can choose a neutral shade like off white or grey for the label background. These colors blend well with most other shades. Use the primary colors as the text colors, and combine them with a bold, fun font to make the text stand out. This allows you to get all the benefits of primary colors.
Want something with a bit more ‘pop’? Why not choose a sparkling thread for the text? These weaves add a lovely shimmer to the text that is both attractive and eye-catching. Sparkling school name tapes are sure to appeal to most preteens and will help make school fun.
Visit us to find woven labels in dozens of patterns and colors. Use our on-site personalization tools to design the perfect clothing labels for your needs. You can order the school labels in packs of different sizes, depending on your individual needs.