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Four Versatile Woven Clothes Labels for Home and Business Use

Clothes labels are versatile organization tools. These woven labels can be used for sorting clothes, advertising businesses, and conveying essential information.
Woven Clothing Labels vs. Embroidered Tags
Clothing labels come in several designs. For instance, buyers can opt for iron on labels or sew on tags. This is largely a matter of personal preference. Some shoppers find it easier to iron on their clothing labels, while others prefer to sew on the name tags.
On the other hand, it is a good idea to stick to woven labels over embroidered ones. The designs on these labels are machine woven using threads of different colors. This gives the labels durability and strength. This sturdiness cannot be matched by labels with embroidered detailing. Customers who use embroidered clothing tags find that the stitching starts to fray after a couple of washes.
Woven Clothing Label Patterns
As mentioned earlier, clothing labels are available in several designs and patterns.
Standard Woven Clothing Labels - Standard labels use two different colors – one for the text and one for the background. There are several online label shops where customers can customize their standard labels to their specifications.
Classic black and white remains a popular choice for labels. But many homemakers like to choose a different background color for each family member. This makes it easy to sort clothes on laundry days. A simple rule for designing standard clothes labels is to choose high contrast color combinations. Use white/light colored text with dark backgrounds and vice versa to make the text ‘pop’.
Labels with Sparkly Text – Clothing labels with sparkly text are a good option for designers and exclusive apparel stores. The shimmering text of the label draws the eye effortlessly. This makes them elegant and effective marketing tools.
Labels with sparkly text are also a fun option for labels for kids, especially little girls. Teenagers adore these elegant designs, and will love the chance to customize their favorite tees and jeans.
Care Tapes –Add a woven label with care instructions to remind the buyers of each item’s care requirements.
Investing in care tapes is a great tool for increasing customer satisfaction levels. Many buyers send their expensive clothes to professional laundries and dry-cleaners. Adding a care tape ensures the items are handled correctly, regardless of who does the cleaning. This reduces the chances of laundry disasters that may otherwise discourage buyers from becoming repeat customers.
Woven Gift Ribbons - custom gift ribbons are a great way to personalize presents and merchandise. Elegant gift ribbons add visual appeal to your packaging. These are also powerful advertising tools. Add a discreet logo or the shop name in a sophisticated font. This is a great aid to word of mouth advertising.  
Homeowners can also use custom designed gift ribbons. Next holiday; consider getting some specially designed gift ribbons to increase the festive cheer. Your guests and recipients are sure to appreciate the gesture.
Use these tips to get the maximum use out of your woven clothes labels.